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  • 09 Jul 2020
    Ground-Based use of Asulam -additional approval issued

    CRD has issued an additional Emergency Authorisation that will reinstate the ground-based application of Asulam for bracken control in conservation areas, and land covered by an agri-environment scheme and forestry (in the establishment phase).

    The conditions attached to this approval must be noted, and there is more information on the Asulam page of the website This page provides a link to the approval document issued by CRD, which contains full details.

    It is essential that all end-users of Asulam read and apply the conditions set out in the Approval document. This outlines the requirements to collect data to support further applications for an Emergency Authorisation in future years. There is a description of the reporting procedure that has been established on the Asulam page, and the use of the online form is encouraged, as being the quickest and easiest way to provide information. If this reporting does not take place, it is less likely that future authorisations will be granted and the prospects for obtaining the registration of Asulam to allow normal controls of usage will be diminished.

    As a positive development, resulting from a review of the use of Asulam to modern guidance and assessment criteria, CRD has changed the approved concentrations for hand-held use from 1:100 to 1:4. This will make it easier to carry out follow-up treatments, and initial treatments of small areas, using hand-held equipment.

    Please provide any feedback using the contact page on the website

  • 24 Jun 2020
    Asulam - 2020 Restrictions Eased

    Early indications of the response to the latest application for an Emergency Authorisation (EA) to cover the 2020 season have been received today.

    * There will be no change to the increased buffer zone to protect surface water bodies; it will remain at the increased width of 90m.
    * Ground-based application of Asulam will be re-instated on land designated for conservation or that is covered by an agri-environment scheme. This is a change: under the earlier approval, no ground-based application was permitted.

    Further Details
    * Some details have still to be decided, and the full response may not be received until next week.
    * The revised approval will be published on the BCG’s website, on receipt.
    * The definition of 'land designated for conservation' is to be agreed.
    * A revised product label is being drafted.

    Users of Asulam will be requested to complete a form to provide details of where and how the product was applied. The Chemicals Regulation Division of HSE has indicated that this information will be required to support future applications to continue the availability of Asulam beyond this year.

    It is essential that anyone planning to apply Asulam for bracken control during the coming control season reads and fully understands all the restrictions that have been agreed. If there are any queries, there is a contact form on the BCG website.

    Please circulate this information. More details will be added to the Asulam page of the website, as they come available.

  • 11 May 2020
    Asulam Update

    The completed approval for the Emergency Authorisation, in response to the application that was submitted in July last year, has been issued and can be viewed on the Asulam page of the website. It will be published on the HSE website on 18th May.

    The associated product label is also available from the Asulam page, and the details should be noted by anyone seeking to apply Asulam to control bracken this year.

    The additional application for an Emergency Authorisation, which was submitted in early April, is being processed by the Chemicals Regulation Division of HSE. The application provides additional information to support the case for re-instatement of ground-based application of Asulam, and for the width of the buffer zone to protect surface water bodies to remain at 50m.

    It is unlikely that the application will be submitted for scrutiny of the Expert Committee on Pesticides before the beginning of June. Therefore, if any amendments are agreed, details will not be known until the middle of next month, at the earliest. As the EA approval allows application of Asulam from 1st July, the timing is tight, but if some changes to the restrictions in the current approval are agreed, it is hoped that they can be made full use of to help with the control of bracken.

    A further update will be issued, as soon as there is any news.

  • 07 Apr 2020
    Application for an additional Emergency Authorisation Submitted

    The attached newsletter provides an update about the submission of the additional Emergency Authorisation application, earlier today.
    Many thanks to all those who contributed to the drafting of this document and/or contributed statements to highlight the concerns of the sector they represent.
    Here's hoping for a successful outcome.

  • 28 Feb 2020
    Notes from the Asulam Meeting held on 21 Feb 20

    This meeting was held in York to discuss the restrictions on the use of Asulam for bracken control included in the draft Emergency Authorisation for 2020.

    The notes from the meeting are in the attached file (click on the heading to open the file).

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