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  • 23 Sep 2020
    Asulam update

    The Emergency Authorisation (EA) for the application of Asulam for controlling bracken ended on 14th September. The EA continues until 31st October to allow the storage and transfer of Asulam stocks, but after this date it will be illegal to hold Asulam.

    The manufacturer of Asulam (UPL Europe Ltd) will accept the return of unused, sealed containers through their distributors, but any returns should be carried out as soon as possible.

    Preparations of an application for an Emergency Authorisation to cover the 2021 bracken control season are in progress and updates will be provided as the application proceeds.

    Thanks to those who completed the Asulam Application Record form that provides details of the use of Asulam this year. This information will assist the application process for the EA for 2021. If anyone has yet to provide details of where Asulam was applied this year, it is not too late; please could you complete and return the form. With this information there is a better chance that the EA for 2021 will be approved.

    There are three options for providing the information: the online form; completing the form on a PC/MAc in Word and returning as an e-mail attachment, or by post; download and print the form, complete it by hand and return a scanned copy or a photograph of the completed form. See:

    As it will not be possible to set up a meeting for the BCG sector representatives this year, I am proposing to set up a video call so that a discussion can take place about current bracken control issues. I will arrange this so that there will be an opportunity to consider a draft of the 2021 EA application. It is intended to submit this at the end of October.

  • 13 Aug 2020
    Some bracken spraying continuing

    Bracken die-back has not occurred everywhere and it is proving possible to carry out some spraying in carefully selected areas. To ensure that the treatment will be effective, it is important to assess the condition of the bracken carefully before applying the treatment. Aerial and ground-based contractors will be able to advise.

  • 11 Aug 2020
    Bracken Die-back

    Reports from around the UK have indicated that the die-back of bracken has occurred early this year, and this will limit the effectiveness of bracken control techniques. Aerial application of Asulam has ceased and anyone planning to use ground-based chemical control application is advised to check the bracken carefully beforehand. Die-back shows itself as a browning of the tips of the fronds after full-extension and in this state, the flow of nutrients, which carries the chemical into the rhizomes to restrict next year's growth, starts to reduce.

  • 10 Jul 2020
    Use of Amidosulfuron - Natural England Position - July 2020

    Amidosulfuron products offer a potential alternative to Asulam for bracken control, but there are concerns about the impact that these products might have if used more extensively. Research is in progress, but while these uncertainties remain, Natural England will "not issue consent on SSSIs for Amidosulfuron use for bracken control except on geological sites where there are no biological features of interest."

    The full statement is available from the BCG website at:, and there is a link from the Asulam page of the website.

  • 09 Jul 2020
    Ground-Based use of Asulam - additional approval issued

    CRD has issued an additional Emergency Authorisation that will reinstate the ground-based application of Asulam for bracken control in conservation areas, and land covered by an agri-environment scheme and forestry (in the establishment phase).

    The conditions attached to this approval must be noted, and there is more information on the Asulam page of the website This page provides a link to the approval document issued by CRD, which contains full details.

    It is essential that all end-users of Asulam read and apply the conditions set out in the Approval document. This outlines the requirements to collect data to support further applications for an Emergency Authorisation in future years. There is a description of the reporting procedure that has been established on the Asulam page, and the use of the online form is encouraged, as being the quickest and easiest way to provide information. If this reporting does not take place, it is less likely that future authorisations will be granted and the prospects for obtaining the registration of Asulam to allow normal controls of usage will be diminished.

    As a positive development, resulting from a review of the use of Asulam to modern guidance and assessment criteria, CRD has changed the approved concentrations for hand-held use from 1:100 to 1:4. This will make it easier to carry out follow-up treatments, and initial treatments of small areas, using hand-held equipment.

    Please provide any feedback using the contact page on the website

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Latest News

  • Representatives of the Bracken Control Group met near York.
  • End of the use-up period for Asulam.
  • Asulam will be available for bracken control in 2015.
  • A meeting of statutory nature conservation bodies, and others with related interests such as the heritage environment, was organised by Natural England, in York, to consider the control of bracken on designated sites in the current regulatory climate.
  • A German company will be demonstrating machinery that can cut bracken on steep slopes and it can also be operated by remote control.
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