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Press Releases 2023

November 2023 

02/11/23 - The Scottish Farmer - 'Lack of joined up thinking by Scottish Government'

The Scottish Farmer letter

October 2023

27/10/23 - FAS Scot - 'Alternatives to Chemical Control of Bracken'

Farm Advisory Service Article

27/10/23 - BBC Radio 4: Farming Today - (8:32 onwards)

24/10/23 - NFU - 'No Asulox for bracken control in 2024'

NFU Online article

23/10/23 - Farmers Guardian - 'Unions express dismay as Asulox pulled from market'

Farmers Guardian news link

22/10/23 - The Herald - 'Scots farmers facing uphill battle to control bracken'

The Herald ( article

21/20/23 - Press and Journal - 'Asulox manufacturer marks further blow to Scottish farmers and crofters'

P&J Article link

20/10/23 - Farming UK - 'Asulox decision ' a real blow' to bracken control, NFU Cymru warns'

Farming UK News

20/10/23 - Farmer's Guide - 'Asulam announcement another blow for bracken control'

Farmer's Guide news link

20/10/23 - Inverness Courier - 'Asulam announcement is a further blow to bracken control in Scotland'

Inverness courier article

20/10/23 - The Scottish Farmer - 'Asulox 'hammer blow for farmers and crofters' in Scotland'

The Scottish Farmer article (subscription required)

19/10/23 - The Scotsman - 'Asulox may be out, but we can't ignore the problem it was used for in the first place'

Scotsman news article (Subscription required)

18/10/23 - Farmers Weekly - 'Scots fear permanent loss of chemical bracken control'

FWI Environment news

18/10/23 - Farming UK - Scottish farmers see 'further blow to bracken control options'

Farming UK News link

18/10/23 - Irish Farmers Journal - 'Asulox manager pulls out of UK'

News round up (NI) link here

18/10/23 - Grampian Online - 'Farming: Asulam announcement is a further blow to bracken control in Scotland'

Article link

September 2023

13/09/23 - Rural Affairs and Islands Committee - Scottish Parliament TV Bracken discussion

Meeting link here

20/09/23 - NSA & Moredun webinar- Tick Control & Louping Ill

Click here to watch the webinar

August 2023

19/08/23 - FAS TV Series 3 Ep 9: Bracken Control

Watch the episode here (link to YouTube)

July 2023

27/07/23 - Podcast: Thrill of the Hill - 'Don't Go Bracken My Heart'

Listen to the podcast episode here

18/07/23 - Scottish Farmer - 'Northern Ireland joins ban on use of herbicide Asulox'

The Scottish farmer article

13/07/23 - The National - 'BBC Scotland issues third correction over reporting in a month'

The National Scot news link

05/07/23 - NFU - 'Emergency authorisation granted to use Asulam for bracken control in England'

NFU Online update 

04/07/23 - Scottish Farmer - 'Scottish Government play down dangers of Asulox ban'

Scottish Farmer news link

03/07/23 - Questions statements parliament UK - Bracken: Weed Control (DEFRA)

Parliament Questions & Answer link

SASA - 'Use of Asulox for bracken control in Scotland 2023'. Following on from the link you can find the Scottish Government Press release, Scottish Government Q&A, the advice note on Asulam, ECP full April minutes and SEFARI report.

SASA gov link

June 2023

29/06/23 - Oban Times - 'Scottish Government bans bracken control chemical Asulox'

Oban Times article

28/06/23 - Farmers Guardian - 'Union asks Welsh Government to 'urgently review' Asulox ban'

Farmers Guardian article

28/06/23 - The Scotsman - 'Farmer' concerns show why Humza Yousaf needs to break with Scottish Greens - Murdo Fraser' 

The Scotsman article

28/06/23 - Agriland - 'Call for 'urgent review' of asulox refusal in Wales

Agriland article

28/06/23 - Farming UK 'NFU Cymru seeks 'urgent review' into Wales' bracken herbicide rejection'

Farming UK news

28/06/23 - NFU Cymru - 'NFU Cymru calls for urgent review of Asulox refusal'

NFU Cymru Press release

26/06/23 - Rural Payments and Services - 'Use of Asulox for bracken control'

Rural payments news

26/06/23 - Press and Journal - 'Asulox banned in Scotland but England gets go ahead'

Press and Journal farming news

23/06/23 - Oban Times - 'Scottish Government bans bracken control chemical Asulox'

Oban times article

23/06/23 - The Scotsman - 'Royal Highland Show: Farmers call for Scottish Government to control 'hardening' of Green agenda'

The Scotsman environment news

23/06/23 - Farming UK - 'NFU Scotland raises concerns over 'hardening of green agenda'

Farming UK link

22/06/23 - BBC News - 'Farmer denied emergency use of banned chemical for bracken control'

BBC News Scotland

22/06/23 - The Scottish Farmer - 'Asulox banned for use this season because of health risks'

The Scottish Farmer news (A video accompanies the article which can be seen at the beginning of the page).

22/06/23 - Scottish Daily Express - 'SNP/Greens latest mad ban could lead to more ticks and Lyme disease cases'

Scottish Daily Express link

22/06/23 - Farming UK - 'Scottish farmers denied emergency access to bracken control herbicide'

Farming UK article

22/06/23 - Farmers Guardian - 'Scottish and Welsh farmers will not be authorised to use Asulox for bracken in 2023'

Farmers Guardian link

22/06/23 - Farmer's Guide - 'Scotland and Wales rule against asulam use as 'risks outweigh potential benefits'

Farmers Guide news

22/06/23 - Farmers Weekly - 'Scotland and Wales denied use of bracken control herbicide'

Farmers Weekly news

22/06/23 - Grampian Online -'Farmer: Emergency use of Asulox in Scotland is denied by ministers'

Grampian Farming news

21/06/23 - Farmers Guardian - 'Relief on Asulox approval in England but Scotland must be next'

Farmers Guardian news

21/06/23 - The Times - 'Scottish farmers banned from using herbicide Asulox to kill weed'

The Times article

21/06/23 - Farming UK - 'Groups request 'urgent meeting' with Scottish govt over bracken control'

Farming UK News

21/06/23 - The Scotsman - 'Asulox: Scottish farmers denied use of herbicide to control spread of bracken' 

The Scotsman article (subscription may be needed)

21/06/23 - Scottish Government - 'Use of Asulox for bracken control'

Gov scot news

21/06/23 - Press & Journal - 'Farmers seek clarity on use of weedkiller'

Press and Journal link

20/06/23 - Farmers Guide - 'Asulam bracken control herbicide approved for use in England'

Farmers Guide article

20/06/23 - Scottish Daily Express - 'Lorna Slater's 'hostility' to weedkiller blamed for delay to life saving disease-carrying tick management'

Scottish daily express politics news link

20/06/23 - The Scotsman - 'Asulox: Pressure mounts on Scottish Government after England approves herbicide for bracken control'

The Scotsman article (Subscription may be required)

20/06/23 - Meeting of the Parliament - Summary: Following the approval of asulox in England, it was expressed the governmental lack of understanding in the process. Question posed was to seek guidance on first minister correcting the record to assure approval may be granted.

Scottish Parliament TV Link

20/06/23 - Daily Mail - Link below features an article as reposted by Michael Blackley, The Scottish Political Editor

'Health crisis unless bracken controlled' article

19/06/23 - Farmers Weekly - 'Asulox approved for bracken control in England for 2023'

Farmers Weekly announcement

19/06/23 - Agriland - 'Bracken control: Asulam approved for use in England'

Agriland farming news

16/06/23 - Farming UK - 'Scottish farm leaders call for 'urgent approval' of bracken herbicide'

Farming UK News

16/06/23 - The Scotsman - 'Asulox: Scottish farmer says delays to bracken control present 'major human and animal health problem'

The Scotsman Article

15/06/23 - NFUS - 'Scottish Government Must Urgently Approve Asulox for Bracken Control' - A joint statement on behalf of NFU Scotland, Scottish Land & Estates, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, and Bracken Control Group. 

NFU Scotland News Article

15/06/23 - An article from Agriland - Call for Scottish govt to 'urgently' approve Asulox for bracken.

Agriland article

15/06/23 - From Dumfries & Galloway! What’s Going On? 'Scottish Government must urgently approve Asulox for bracken control'. 

DGWGO Rural & Farming News link

15/06/23 - Grampian Online - 'Organisations call on Scottish Government to approve bracken control measures'

Grampian Online News article

15/06/23 - First Ministers Questions. Q – Can the first minister update the chamber on the Scottish governments actions to campaign for the approval for the emergency use of asulox for bracken control in Scotland and will he commit to reversing the appalling decision to remove support for bracken control through the agri-environment scheme.

Scottish Parliament TV Link

14/06/23 - Press and Journal - 'Hill farmer calls for urgent approval of bracken herbicide'

Press and Journal Farming News

14/06/23 - 'Approval of Asulox/asulam for bracken control urgently required by land managers'

Scottish Land & Estates link

13/06/23 - Farmers Weekly - 'Scots farmers issue urgent plea for bracken control herbicide'

FWI News link

13/06/23 - Farming UK - 'Hill farmer calls for emergency authorisation of bracken control herbicide'

Farming UK Link

12/06/23 - Farmers Guide - 'Farmer pleads for urgent approval of bracken control herbicide in Scotland'

Farmers Guide Rural News

11/06/23 - Grampian Online- 'Lyme Disease: Calls for Scottish Government to urgently approve vital bracken control measures'

Grampian Online news

10/06/23 - The Scottish Farmer News - 'Ewing Wades into Asulox Row' 

Ewing Wades in Asulox Row.pdf

08/06/23 - The Scotsman - 'Asulox: Scottish farmers reach tipping point over delays on bracken herbicide decision that 'could cost lives'.

 The Scotsman News

08/06/23 - The Times – 'Slow progress on bracken control puts lives at risk' – Fergus Ewing

The Times link (Subscription may be needed)

05/06/23 - The Times - 'Lorna Slater prefers Lyme disease and ticks to unpopularity' 

Link to the Times article (Subscription may be needed)

03/06/23 - The Times - 'Farmers urge action over weed linked to Lyme disease'

Article in The Times (Subscription may be needed)

02/06/23 - Asulox & the BBC: 'Farmers want to use banned chemical to control bracken' feature. The article accompanied a segment on BBC Scotland News.

BBC News Article

 02/06/23 - A segment on Good Morning Scotland starting from 1:18:30. (Please note, this is available for a limited time only and will expire on 01/07/23)

Good Morning Scotland Sounds

May 2023

17/05/23 - Fergus Ewing’s contribution to the debate in Holyrood on about the National Lyme Disease Awareness Month  

Scottish Parliament TV

An extract from the Minister’s reply relevant to Fergus Ewing’s contribution:

Minister's Reply

12/05/23 - 'Scottish Farmers sound alarm over delay in approval for bracken killing chemical' was featured on ITV Regional News, shedding some light and awareness on the ongoing issue.

ITV News Feature

11/05/23 - The question regarding uncontrolled bracken & asulam approval was put to the Scottish Government First Minister Humza Yousaf. Click the link below to view.

First Ministers Questions - Uncontrolled Bracken

09/05/23 - The Scottish Farmer - 'Time to put human health over political dogma'

The Scottish Farmer article

08/05/23 - The South West Farmer - Asulox bracken control in doubt for health concerns

SW Farmer article link

05/05/23 - The Scottish Farmer - 'Clock ticking on bracken control with human health implications'

Scottish Farmer News link


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